Tracy beaker returns

Series Brooke is a good kid but wants to have a place of her own so she moves in with tracy and cam. Then she goes to lily poppy and Rosie's goodbye party.but she doesn't feel like home at tracy and cams so tracy asks mike what to do. And tray and cam talk to brooke about it. She agreed. And cam fosters Carmen.It works out very well but Carmen gos back to the dg in episode 10. In episode 13 she says to tracy you shudent leave I think. Your okey tracy stays.

Series 2 Brooke gos back to the dg on tempory tells mike why. It's because . She wanted to see her friends.lily falls off the roof and cam fosters her. Leaving poor brooke behind. She gos back for brooke in episode 9. Because lily wanted a sister. Now Tracy doesn't have a bed so cam gets a new flat and she's the landlord .

Series 3 Brooke is back at the dg .again cam has got a very big flat now . Lily still. Lives there . But brooke doesn't . She gets a place of her own . But not after long. She's back in the dg again. She gos back to live with cam. She's very excited to. Have her sisters episode 13 tracy leaves . But sheill still see tracy.

Series 4 Brooke is a very patience seventeen year old living in a carehome and having restbite at cams house. But she is good and clever and now has tees bedroom . She always . Says she loves her family. But still has her sisters Carmen lily and tracy.she and faith now share a room together. But when gus leaves she has his room. When she finds out that faith steales stuff she won't share anymore. In episode 13 she gos to live with cam again.


Brooke in series 1


Brooke in series 2


Brooke in series 3