Carmen HowleEdit

12 year old Carmen Howle is the best friend of Lily Kettle. She is known for smelling absolutely digusting, due to references from Elektra and Harry, saying that:

"It's all your fault smelly carmen!"

And Elektra stating that she was stinking out the room on serveral occasions.

Infomation of what she actually smells of, is not yet provided.


Helen Howle - who left carmen in the house while she went on holiday

Series 1Edit

Carmen became friends with lily but then they stopped being friends when carmen put glitter in rosie's hair and lily got mad,then they made up again.

Series 2Edit

When new girl Elektra comes, she is the first to become her friend, and just to be loyal, her challenge is to steal a £20 note from the office. When they go out into the country, and Tracy is made team leader, Elektra secretly changes the map, and Tracy and Elektra split up, Carmen going with Elektra. Elektra takes Toby and Carmen to a bridge, claiming it's a shortcut. Elektra goes across safely, but when Carmen crosses, a piece of wood breaks and she nearly falls, falling in the river would have probably make her less smelly (see carmen howel). Elektra goes to help, but a piece of wood falls under her foot and she can't. Toby blows a whistle and Tracy,tee,harry and frank all hear the whistle and go to help.