Character Actor Duration
Tracy Beaker Dani Harmer 2010—
Mike Milligan Connor Bryne 2010—
Gina Conway Kay Purcell 2010—
Frank Matthews Chris Slater 2010—
Carmen Howle Amy-Leigh Hickman 2010—
Johnny Taylor Joe Maw 2010—
Tee Taylor Mia McKenna Bruce 2010—
Gus Carmichael Noah Marullo 2010—
Harry Jones Philip Graham Scott 2010—
Seth Ashley Taylor-Rhys 2011—
Elektra Cal Clock Jessica Revell 2011—
Justine Littlewood Montanna Thompson 2012—
Rick Barber Daniel Pearson 2012
Tyler Lewis Miles Butler-Hughton 2012
Character Actor Duration
Liam O'Donovan Richard Wisker 2010—
Cam Lawson Lisa Coleman 2010—
Sapphire Fox Saffron Coomber 2010—
Lily Kettle Jessie Williams 2010—
Poppy Kettle Katie Anderson 2010—
Rosie Kettle Millie Redfearn 2010—
Mr. Hamster Mr.Hamster 2010—
Jack O'Donovan Callum Callaghan 2012—

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