Denis is a mean careworker and took over Elmtree in Series 3 but not for very long. He brought four care kids with him who were: Tyler, Rick, Kitty and Lizanne. In Series 2, Tyler stole all of Carmen's stuff and Denis didn't do anything about it, when he took over Elmtree House he wouldn't allow visitors there. When there was a fire in the attic every staff was blaming Harry but it was Denis Stockle, he but ciggaretts in Kitty's drawers in her room and gave her and Rick a sanction. When Carmen and Elektra set fire to Rick and Tyler's stuff, the boys were grounded but Carmen and Elektra should have been grounded, at t he end, Tracy recorded what Denis had been doing and the staff was really angry with him. Mike told him to take a seat and write his letter of resignation so he was now expelled and was never seen again. When Gina took Tracy back to Elmtree House when Tracy came out of hospital because of what Kitty did to her, she realised that Denis had put locks and notices on the walls saying that there was no fun or anything exciting to do. At the end everything was back to normal and the kids could resume their happy life. Tyler was the first to live in Elmtree house and Rick came later and they were they only ones that stayed.

In “Slow Burn”, is the careless, controlling and unkind care worker who brings the four Burnywood children to Elmtree House following a fire. He proves himself to be a condescending and bossy person who thinks young people in care are "messed up"; his attitude infuriates and aggravates the young people and careworkers. He is shown to be an impatient bully, who illegally takes control of Elmtree House, becomes Head Careworker, and imposes bans on multiple luxury items. He resigned after Tracy and Gus found out that he started the fire at Elm Tree House by smoking in the attic, removing the batteries from the fire alarm and not putting the cigarettes out properly

Portrayed by James Gaddas