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Elm Tree House is better known as the Dumping Ground. There are 12 bedrooms all together but they can fit in 13 young people if they need to.

The Back garden is used for barbeques and it is used for all of the kids' football needs. There is a hidden area if any of the kids want to have a chat in private or if they just want to be alone.

In the beginning of series of season 3, the dumping ground was set on fire (only the attic was on fire) but luckily the fire was extinguished before anybody could get hurt. Afterwards it was revealed that the attic and Gus' precious notebooks were ruined.
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At one end of the house, there’s a living area with a pool table, a computer and a couple of comfy sofas by the television. Next to that is the kitchen with a huge table so everyone can eat at once. (You can get to the garden from there.) And there’s a laundry room, too.

The Office and Quiet Room are at the other end of the house. The Quiet Room’s where people go when they want some ‘time out’. It’s next to the front door.

The Dumping Ground has been around since the first Tracy Beaker started and it has housed more than 20 kids.