Elektra Perkins                        
Elektra Perkins

First Seen

"Elektra" Series 2 Episode 6
Hair Colour Brown with blue Highlights
Eye Colour Grey

Mother: Marilyn Perkins

Father: Bernard Perkins

Sister: Melissa Valentine

Central Episodes


"Snake Bite"

"Chain Reactions"


Elektra "Mandy" Perkins is a 15 year old girl who first appears in `Tracy Beaker Returns` in Series 2 Episode 6 "Elektra". Elektra is portrayed as a girl who is very tough and is okay to bully people to make them do what she wants. She has bright blue highlights in her hair and her room at the Care Home is electric blue, this shows that her favourite colour is blue. She is shown at the start as being cold and very distant however she is also very confident and very loyal to her friends as seen in Series 2 Episode 11 "Snake Bite".

Series 2 Episode 6 - Elektra

At  the start of this episode Elektra first appears very "sweet" and polite.  This is until she attacks Liam in the Games Room. Later she tells Carmen that every where else she has been she has been beaten up on the first day. She then starts up a Secret Girls Club with Tee and Carmen. This then expands to the SETA (Secret Elm Tree Army) after the boys join. Elektra convinces some of the other children to steal various items within the residence and says she will do something to the kids if they tell the adults what she has done. Harry sees Elektra stealing, and so Elektra tells Harry not to tell anyone what happened. She makes sure Harry doesn't tell by cutting off Jeff's leg and then Elektra threatens to cut of Jeff's head if Harry tells. Liam tricks Elektra into telling Tracy what she did. But as they are going to see Mike, Sapphire finds out what Elektra did to Jeff and storms out Harry's room and attacks Elektra before Mike splits them up and then Sapphire stomps into her room with Jeff, to fix him. Elektra then packs her bags and is about to leave when Mike confronts her and says she will be given a second chance.

Series 2 Episode 8- Day at the Country

Mike and Gina have planned the weekend in the countryside to perfection. That is, until Gina twists her ankle and can't join in with the activities. While Liam and Elektra tease each other about who is going to win, Tracy is made the new leader of Gina's team, with the other leader of the other team being Mike. Feeling that Tracy and Harry are slowing down the team's chances of winning (what Liam and Elektra think this trip is all about), Elektra secretly changes the direction from right to left, so that Tracy ends up leading their team the wrong way. Elektra then sets off with Toby and Carmen, after telling Tracy that she can't lead them anywhere. Taking the map off Tracy, Elektra finds a shortcut, and when pressuring Carmen to cross it causes Carmen to nearly fall through a bridge into the deep river. Elektra saves Harry and Jeff from an adder whilst Tracy saves Carmen after she falls through a bridge.

Series 2 Episode 11- Snake Bite

Elektra's old friend Kali  turns up, and it seems she and Elektra were in a gang called Cobras who were quite tough and Kali was sent to prison. She turns up at the Dumping Ground seeming very genuine and sorry, winning over Mike and Tracy. But when she and Elektra sneak out, Kali seems like she is back to her old tricks with a gang of new Cobra members. Kali persuades Elektra to run away with her and the gang so Elektra goes to pack her things. Toby tries to stop her but she goes anyway. Toby goes after her and tries to stop her one more time but she refuses and says that she doesn't belong at the Dumping Ground so leaves with Kali, but realises the other Cobras are missing. She finds them having mugged Toby and demands that they give his things back so they give them back and Toby runs away. A distressed Toby runs into Tracy and breaks down crying. Elektra stands up to the Cobras and realises that Kali hasn't changed at all and realises that she herself has changed so she leaves Kali and goes back to the Dumping Ground. Toby tells Tracy about what happened. Elektra turns up and says she's sorry, though it's discovered that she may not be able to stay for much longer.

Series 3 Episode 10- Going Home

It is revealed that Elektra has a sister called Melissa. Melissa returns to announce she is engaged and getting married the following days; however she wante Elektra to attend the wedding as a bridesmaid. It is revealed their parents chucked Elektra out many years ago. It is also revealed that her real name is Mandy Perkins, but she prefers to be called Elektra, as she as been away from her family for a long period of time and she feels that she doesn't fit in with them anymore. Her family don't want her and they only seem to use her when they want and they don't care about anyone else but themselves. Also her parents appear to have a bossy peronality. They attempt to control and/or manipulate Elektra quite frequently, however this back-fires, resulting in Elektra returning back to the Dumping Ground. It is said that Elektra's parents think she is evil and they missed Melissa's prom night because they were getting Elektra out of a police cell. At  the end of the episode Melissa sends Elektra some shoes as a gift and a picture saying about her wedding in a field and thanking her for showing her that she has her own mind and shouldn't be controlled by her family.