Here are all the episodes in TBR..


"Tracy Beaker Superstar" Episode 1.1

"New Life's Eve" Episode 1.2

"Bad Luck Boy" Episode 1.3

"By the Book"Episode 1.4

"Family Values"Episode 1.5

"Anarchy in the Dumping Ground"Episode 1.6

"Secrets"Episode 1.7

"Sisters"Episode 1.8

"Good Luck Boy"Episode 1.9

"Viva Carmen"Episode 1.10

"Werewolf"Epiosde 1.11

"Day at the Beach"Episode 1.12

"Moving On"Episode 1.13


"The Burnywood Menace" Episode 2.1

"Drained" Episode 2.2

"Crushed" Episode 2.3

"Refugees" Episode 2.4

"Money" Episode 2.5

"Elektra" Episode 2.6

"What You Don't Know..." Episode 2.7

"A Day In The Country" Episode 2.8

"The Scare Game" Episode 2.9

"Out Of Control" Episode 2.10

"Snake Bite" Episode 2.11

"Grandad" Episode 2.12

"Chain Reaction" Episode 2.13

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