A 9-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome. Gus remembers everything he sees, and writes it all in his notebook, which is full of people's secrets. He enjoys playing the piano and in episode 8 of the first series was accepted into an orchestra. He has a lot of rules and when people break them he isn't too happy about it. He is a perfectionist and when things don't go to plan he gets upset.

gus dosnt take lightly to the new members of elm tree house. and gets into serios arguments with taylor. in 'eggs'

gusse bedroom is perfeclty orderd with his 'only outfit' repeted eseverl times and orderd in date they were washed. it is painted all white and all pencils,pens,rulars are perfectly in line. his bedroom is on the 3rd floor opposite tatlor and ricks he is has asd and adhd

gus carmichael

About me:Edit

I’m Gus Carmichael and I live at Elm Tree House. I used to put a line in my notebook for every day I woke up here. After a while, the lines were taking up too much space, so I stopped. There were more important things I wanted to write in my notebook, than how long I’d lived here.

My life:Edit

I keep notes so I can remember what’s happened and I make notes so I can plan what’s going to happen. If I don’t know something’s going to happen, then it’s a surprise. And surprises are bad, because I can’t plan for them.

When I have to go to a building I’ve never been to before, I find out first how far it is from the entrance to the nearest boys’ toilet. Then I work out when I need to arrive, so there’s time for me to walk to that toilet for a Just in Case, before I do whatever I’ve gone to that new building to do. I have a Just in Case before I do anything, in case there’s a surprise. Because surprises make me need the toilet and if I can’t plan for them, I can plan for that.

My habits:Edit

Another thing I can’t plan for is the future, because when you’re in care, you don’t know where you’ll be living. I want to stay at Elm Tree House. I like Mike. He looks after me and explains things when I don’t understand them.

taken from the cbbc website