Katie is a character that I would play if I was in Tracy Beaker Returns!<3



When Katie was younger, her Mother ran off with a wealthier man leaving Katie,her Father and her younger sibbling Ceceilia (CeCe). Her Father felt he wasn't good enough as he suffered from an illness which caused him to be mentally sick. He tried to hurt Katie and her sister once or twice, and kept it quiet the whole time. He went to visit the Doctor's as he had explained to Katie that once he'd been cured everything would be fine. It turned out everything wasn't fine, and he was sent straight to court as they had found out that he had been threatning his children. He was given a Restraining Order,saying that he was never to see them again.


Katie and CeCe Atkinson, come to the Dumping Ground when Katie is 9 and CeCe is 4. CeCe and Poppy become friends and Rosie joins in making them a three-some. Lily and Katie become friends immdeiately seeing as their sisters are. Lily offeres Katie to share her room, and Katie agrees to share a room with Lily Kettle. CeCe sleeps in Liam O'Donovan's room as he's away with his Foster Parents. When Katie's sleeping Lily has a sleeping problem where she feels that her sisters need her, so sometimes Lily Kettle climbs into Poppy's bed. Lily's always back in her own room at dawn,but if Katie woke up in the night, it was easy to say that Lily wasn't there. Later on in the series Kirstey and Matthew Peterson,come into Elm Tree House hoping to Foster a child under 4. Poppy and CeCe are the only choices. Poppy says no,which Lily agrees on. Kirstey and Matthew turn to CeCe, and try to bribe her. Katie gets into an argument with Kirstey and Matthew over CeCe which CeCe gets upset by. Mike decides that CeCe is not being split up with her sister, but Katie asks CeCe what she really wants, and then Tracy and Katie try to engourage her after a while. CeCe agrees and goes off with her new Foster Parents Kirstey and Matthew Peterson. CeCe then becomes very good friends with Tee Taylor as she realises that her and Tee's personalities are the same. Katie agrees with Lily that if Carmen moves into Lily's room Katie can move into Tee's room. Katie now shares with Tee Taylor in a room next to Tee's bed which in series 3 Katie's bed is near the door.


Mother - Monita Atkinson

Father - Mark Atkinson

Sibblings - CeCelia Atkinson