Poppy KettleEdit

Poppy is the 4 year old sister of Lily Kettle and Rosie Kettle.
Tracy beaker lily

Her mum died and with her sisters has come to live in the Dumping Ground.

After a few episodes, she and Rosie Kettle has been fostered by Matt and Christie Perry.


Lily Kettle and Rosie Kettle - Sisters

-Mum- dead

Steve Kettle - Dad

matt and christie perry -foster parents

Shannay kelly - Stepmum

Jonah kelly - half brother

Series 1Edit

We first hear of Poppy as a sister of Lily Kettle. She gets fostered one day, along with Rosie and Lily until Lily gets sent back.

Series 2Edit

'Poppy is seen very rarely, but after a time with the foster parents, she and Rosie appear to now prefer their 'foster father's stories rather than Lily's.Sometimes poppy calls matt and christy perry mummy and daddy.

Poppy and Rosie wet the bed.So were put in diapers.