The Dumping Ground is back, without Tracy Beaker aka Dani Harmer. It has been comfirmed by The CBBC crew and Amy- Leigh Hickman. It is reported that Melanie is not going to be a character in series 9. There are going to be six new characters in The Dumping Ground. There names are unknown, but they are portrayed by Dominic Senior, Jade Kilduff, Jake Hayward, Ben Wilby , Stephen Conwell and Leanne Dunstan.Some of the Tracy Beaker Returns crew will be present. They are Connor Byrne, Kay Purcell, Jessie Williams, Mia Mckenna Bruce, Noah Marullo, Joe Maw, Kia Pegg, Phillip Graham Scott, Daniel Pearson and Amy-Leigh Hickman. Chris Slater, Jessica Revell, Miles Bulter Hughton, John Bell, Katie Anderson and Millie Redfearn will not be present at the time. It is also a 13 part series, and a drama in elm tree house. People say this is going to be the best series of Tracy beaker.Richard Whisker is not returning in this series.

These are some quotes about Tracy Beaker:

Anabel quoted "Tracy Beaker Returns is the best! I would never miss it for the world!"

Emily quoted "Tracy Beaker Returns is brilliant and I loved it, I have never missed an episode in my whole life!".

L.B quoted "Duh! I never miss an episode it is great especially TSOTB!".

Tracy beaker will never be the same with out danniell Jane harmer GOOD BYE I will miss u I'm a big big big fan!!!!!!!!