Miss Beaker, once known as a feisty, curly haired troublemaker. Well she's still fiesty, and a troublemaker, but now her hairs straight...

After being adopted by Cam Lawson at the end of The Story Of Tracy Beaker Series, she's had her happy ending.

Now a succesfull writer and full time careworker!!!

In series 1 of TBR, Tracy is arrested for publishing her book with Cam's credit card. She is taken to the local police station where she runs into Mike Milligan, her old careworker. She also meets Liam O'Donovan for the first time.

Desperate to pay back Cam, Tracy haunts Mike for a job at the DG, he eventually accepts her offer. Instantly shown to be a success with the kids, Mike and Gina love her (Until Gina finds out Tracy ahd been arrested)

During Series 1 Tracy...

Finds a letter from her birth mum that was never given to her, quits her job, then takes it back again (Tracy Beaker Superstar)

Writes an article about Toby Coleman being jinxed, finds out his parents died and he blames himself, explains to him he's not a jinx (Bad Luck Boy)

Gives Tee Taylor bad advice that leads her to fall out of a tree, pays Liam and Frank Matthews to store her books (By The Book)

Ignores Carmen when she needs to talk, realises her mistake, persuades Carmen to come out of her room and talk (Family Values)

Takes over the night shift when Mike is sick, extends everyone's bedtimes, fails to notice Frank and Liam sneaking out, makes dodgy pizza, comes face to face with an angry Gina (Anarchy In The DG)

Finds stolen video games in Sapphire Fox' room, follows her into town with her boyfriend, watches to see if they steal anything, confronts Sapph's boyfriend, calls the police and tricks him into confessing (Secrets)

Helps Lily stop mothering her sisters so she can move back with her foster parents, fails to notice it's too soon, makes Gus miss his audition, calls the orchestra and reschedules his audition (Sisters)

Learns to drive, rescues the boys from a con artist, tricks the con artist and basically saves the day (Good Luck Boy)

Allows Carmen's mum to visit without asking anyone first, gets yelled at by Mike because she didn't ask, try's to stop Carmen's mum persuading Carmen to move to Spain (Viva Carmen)

Follows clues around the house after a "ghost" is spotted by Carmen, finds out Sapphire is hiding her little brother in her room after he ran away, tells Mike and Gina, stops the siblings from running away together (Werewolf)

Uses a video camera to film the young people's day out, uses her book money to pay for a tow truck when the mini bus breaks down (Day At The Beach)

Goes for an interview for a new job, tells the kids who get angry and ignore her, gets fired by Mike for upsetting them, eventually persuades everyone individually to talk to her, turns down the job when offered (Moving On)

In Series 2 Tracy...

Holds a protest to save the carehome, goes on the roof with a megaphone, Lily follows her and falls, carehome shut down (Burnywood Menace)

Fosters Lily with Cam, sticks up for her when the young people blame her for the closing of the carehome, seperates the fight between Carmen and Johnny, Crashes Mike's trial and persuades the panel to reinstate him (Drained)

Gets frustrated with Lily living with her and Cam, shouts when Lily takes her cardigan, bumps into Liam, Frank and Toby at her evening job (Crushed)

Invites Tee and Carmen for lunch to surprise Lily (Cam was out), leaves them home alone and sens Sapph back to watch them, gets a call from the fire brigade telling her there's been a fire at the flat where the girls are (Refugees)

Is told by Toby that his new social worker Seth is a theif/gang member, locks Seth in the shed, confronts him, releases him after realising she's got the wrong guy (Money)

Introduces new girl Elektra to the young people, dresses as a sausage at some point, along with Liam and Frank trick Elektra into confessing about stealing money (Elektra)

Convinces Tee to get fostered without Johnny, finds out Mr Watson is bullying Johnny and telling him to stop phoning Tee, plans a bowling trip at the same time as Tee and the Watsons, reveals the truth (What You Don't Know)

Is made team leader for a treasure hunt, loses Harry, saves Carmen from falling off a bridge, tracks down the campsite at last (Day In The Country)

Chases away Lily's dad before letting her explain, is sad when Lily wants to live with him, accepts Lily needs to be with her dad and lets her go (The Scare Game)

Accompanies Liam to court after he is charged with stealing a mobility scooter, goes woth him to his community service at an old people's home, uses the evidence Liam gives her to trick the con artist (Out Of Control)

Follows Elektra into town after she recieves a mysterious parcel, finds out an old gang member with a bad influence is back, warns Mike, organises a group dance in the living room (Snake Bite)

Gently tells Frank his grandad has died, buys a car, argues with an antique dealer, sells the car so Frank can buy his grandad a headstone, leaves Frank, Liam and Cam to the river where the other young people have made a memorial bench (Grandad)

Finds it hard living alone when Cam goes to New York for work, ignores everyone around her, has a panic attack, passes out, admits the truth (Chain Reaction)

In Series 3 Tracy...

Tries to coax shy girl Kitty out of her shell, punishes Elektra and Carmen for burning Tyler's belongings, gtes pushed down the stairs by Kitty (The Visitors)

Rescues Gus from a fire in the attic, helps him in solving the case, is fired by Dennis, sneaks back in to confront Dennis, celebrates when he retires (Slow Burn)

Is left on her own during a storm when Mike leaves for provisions, organises a search of the house to check for an intruder, talks to Johnny after he plays pranks on everyone, reveals to Tee she was the one who wrote the riddles (Shadows)

Finds a letter for Liam from supposedly his brother, is told by Liam he's not interested and she's not to show it to Mike, secretly meets Jack (Liam's brother), throws Liam a party when he decides to leave and go and live with Jack (Big Brother)

Is tricked into taking Rosie and Poppy to the park by Lily so they can meet their dad, gets angry but allows the visit to go ahead, gets into trouble for allowing the meeting to go ahead (Belonging)

Sets up an egg challenge to see if the young people can look after things, takes Harry and Carmen to visit Sapphire in her new flat, declares Cam as her real mum at last (Eggs)

Is angry when Justine Littlewood returns, realises Justines fiancee is a con artist, eats a wrm in front of everyone after Justine lies and says she never did, exposes Justine's fiancee (Justine Littlewood Returns)

Has to write the annual certificates, can't think of what to award Johnny for, at last comes up with an answer (Reward)

Realises Carmen, Tee and Lily have disappeared, finds out from Gus where they've gone and follows them, eventually tracks them down next to a nice place for a holiday (Summer Holiday)

Meets Elektra's parents, tries to build the rift between them after a huge arguement, meets Elektra's sister, discovers Elektra's real name is Mandy (Going Home)

Tries to convince Jody to move into the carehome after she's abandoned, realises Lily's not happy when her respite care is cancelled (Jody Jackson)

Comes up with a democratic way for Mike to choose three young people to take with him to meet the queen (The Invitation)

Is hurt when Mike quickly replaces Tracy after she reveals she's leaving, helps Sapph protest against the council, argues with Mike and slams the door as she storms out, saves him when the ceiling collapses, syas a teary goodbye and leaves... (Goodbye Tracy Beaker)

Tracy does not appear in the new 2013 series of "The Dumping Ground"