Tracy Beaker Superstar
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 8 January 2010
Written by Elly Brewer and Ben Ward
Directed by Neasa Hardiman
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Tracy Beaker Superstar is the first episode of the first season of Tracy Beaker Returns; it is also known as Full Circle Part 1. This is the pilot episode. The cast and crew are introduced and the characters make their debut.


Tracy Beaker is seen on television by the kids promoting her new book, but several hours later, she is arrested for using Cam Lawson credit card to publish her book and she bumps into Mike Milligan and one of the dumping ground kids Liam O'Donovan in the police station. She is given an opportunity of instead of being in jail she is to write a column for the local community newspaper. Tracy finally goes back home and listens to the many answer-phone messages left by Cam. With the fear of being kicked out again, she decides to pack her bags and head for the Dumping Ground to talk to Mike. Tracy arrives at the Dumping Ground only to be told by Gina Conway that Mike has gone out somewhere, but Gina lets Tracy in as it is pouring with rain outside, the kids at the Dumping

The opening picture for the episode

Ground recognize Tracy from the television and Tracy gives a copy of her book and signed to Gina for 99p less. Gina then lets Tracy tuck all the kids into their beds. When Tracy finally talks to Mike, he accidentally lets slip to Gina that Tracy was arrested. Gina is angry because of letting her put the kids to bed. Tracy talks to Mike about needing a job to prove that she will repay Cam and Mike gives her a job at the Dumping Ground. Gina doesn't like Tracy after she finds out she was put in jail. They finally, with the help of Mike, get along.





  • The opening title is viewed.

    The opening card.

  • The cast and crew are introduced.
  • Dani Harmer (Tracy) and Connor Bryne (Mike) stared in the prequel The Story of Tracy Beaker, so this is not their first time on TV.