"I’m Tyler. i like playing jokes on people like dog poo i met rick barber and he was like a brother to me and then we went to live at the dumping ground'."
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. Tyler's mum could not look after him properly so he got taken to burny wood care home.Lizzane then stared a fire there so then Tyler got put in Elm Tree House.He shares a room with rick.When he was at burny wood he stole Carmen Howle's stuff but they later become close friends.When he first arrived he was quite close with Tee Taylor,but then the relasonship stared to fade away but they are still friends.

Relationships with the other childrenEdit

Rick BarberEdit

(Present;Best friend,like brother)

Rick and Tyler have been best friends since they was in care.They treat each other like brothers.The two share the same room.Rick likes to listen to music and Tyler loves do pranks (sometimes on rick) but most of his pranks are on johnny.These two are possibly the best friend paring in tracy beaker returns,along with carmen and lily.Once rick and tyler had a water fight put after the water fight they got told of for getting water everywhere in the kichten.

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