My name's Georgia Tamara Williamson, I'm from Havering,Essex. I go to 'Sander's Draper School' and I'm 13 years old. My best friend is Jessie Williams,who orginaly plays Lily Kettle in Tracy Beaker Returns.

My friends at school are Isabella Conelly, Lucy Steels,Jessie Williams, Hollie Morris and Francessca Halls. My birthday is the 14th January, and I was born in 1999. I know the most about Jessie Williams/Lily Kettle, so if anybody wants information on her, I'm the person to come to. Fact >> People thought that Jessie's middle name was Tamara,but they actually got the wrong name,because my middle name's Tamara, Jessie's middle name's Alison

Fact >> My Mum's name is Kirstey and I have a little 5 year old sister called Natalie x

I own 'Jessie Williams (Tracy Beaker Returns) Wikipedia. Which should tell you ask much as you want.I did 'Kettle Family' which is basically Lily Kettle's family.

Thanks for listening! x